About Us

TraDet started in 1970 by providing routine analytical services and consulting projects in the coal industry.  TraDet initially focused on metal concentration analysis through atomic absorption and later environmental water analysis, mine water analysis, and EPA project work determining mercury mass balances at power plants, smelters, and incinerators.  This EPA project work, which also gave us familiarity with the then-new isokinetic sampling procedures, allowed TraDet to expand into thermal coal dryers in the mid-1970’s because of our capability to perform thermal coal dryer emissions monitoring. 
In the 1990’s, the demand for lower sulfur coal resulted in a shift in coal production from the Eastern United States to the Wyoming Powder River Basin.  TraDet responded to this shift by becoming involved in the design of coal preparation plants, providing expertise on an eight-month on-site low rank thermal coal dryer startup in Wyoming, and obtained a multi-year DOE clean coal technology project on pressurized fluidized bed combustion.
In the late 1990’s, TraDet developed and patented a combined coal flash drying/binderless briquetting technology and established an international reputation in the dewatering and stabilizing of high inherent moisture low rank coals.  At one point, we jointly owned an 18 tph dryer/briquetter in Southwestern Australia that processed low rank coals.  This work led to several major projects in conjunction with a special IRS program to entice synthetic fuel development.  Our expertise now includes optimization and design of thermal coal dryers in the United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Russia, Australia, and Indonesia.
Currently, TraDet provides routine analytical services in the coal, marcellus shale, and water treatment industries while maintaining its expertise in thermal coal dryers and coal preparation.